Who’s this, standing by the bleachers and doesn’t speak with anybody?Oh, that’s just me, being myself. I was never the loud, screaming and yelling type. I’m always by the quiet side, the polite side, the bullied one. At school I ended up watching some basic-bitch take over my highschool-crush, and now, 15 years later, I … More Bystand

All are One

It’s the most common, basic story. A young man is born into an upper society, where his education is the top priority. Along the way, the young man is being exposed to the sufferings of this world. He goes on a journey, and somewhere out there meets God. Roy Rabinovici was born in Israel but … More All are One


Psychodelic dreams with colors and sound, seeing melodies, sitting by a bonfire outdoors and making music with flowers. Soundtracks of movies, westerns, kung-fu. Every genre of music. These are some of the things that inspire Yossi Bozo, who just recently published his new album – Connexion Divina. We sit in his apartment in Tel Aviv, … More Worldwide

Poco a poco

Dayana sits by the bar after the lunch service, drinking a margarita, her apron is still tied around her waist. This is supposed to be a light, easy story about Mexican cuisine. It’s not. The story begins in Jardín Mangos, a neighborhood by the shore in Acapulco, a central city in the South of Mexico. … More Poco a poco

To Abide

Freedom is probably one of the most important things for artist Uzi Benita. Sitting in his room in South Tel-Aviv, surrounded by his paintings and books, the subject of freedom keeps coming up. He is not so much of a rebel per se, but he lives life in his own rhythm.He seems completely age-less, with … More To Abide


The plane descends into the clouds. As the grey clouds scatter, they reveal the country beneath – snowy mountaintops, and then frozen, tough ground with naked trees.Outside the plane, the cold air feels sharp like tiny knives on the cheeks and it’s hard to breathe. Hungary. We get inside a black van, my mother-in-law sits … More Midwinter


Saigon is huge and crazy and I didn’t see enough of it.Some things still remind me of it. Lemongrass oil to keep the mosquitos away and sooth their bites. The strong minty smell of Tiger Balm, as you rub it on your feet to battle a cold. A silly child’s song, Jasmine tea. It always … More Saigon

Seas and Stars

We stayed in Phú Quốc for a week, which was way more than we planned on. Maybe it was an end-of-journey tiredness, that made us immerse into any kind of routine, and feel at home in places that were never our home. We had our favorite restaurants and cafes, the regular people we’ve seen on the … More Seas and Stars

Great Ocean

It took about four hours on the bumpy roads to get to Rạch Giá, in a bus filled to the brim with people.A van took us from the central station towards the hotel by the shore, passing bridges and rivers with houses built right on the water. After a bit of a walk, we got to … More Great Ocean

By the Mekong

We got up early and had coffee at the lobby with Miss Vy, and then went to the travel agency where we booked the bus ticket the previous day.The same clerk was there and she rode with us on a van that went to the bus station, and then showed us where to go and … More By the Mekong


I’m not heartbroken by people, but by cities. I’m sorry but I have to go. Gracias para todo, La Ciudad de Mexico, it was magic.

Down, Down, Down

We got up at seven-thirty, got dressed and went downstairs for a hot coffee and bread with butter at the lobby.I looked at the town, that on daytime seemed different – a main road, a square, small houses. Next to us sat the blonde who traveled alone and had coffee with her guide, and I … More Down, Down, Down

Endless Blue

For breakfast that day, we hadphở bò at a street restaurant. Then we came back for coffee at a woman with a small wagon under the hotel. By nine-thirty the tour guide came and led us to the van, which was already full of Asian and Australian tourists, and we drove towards the port. The … More Endless Blue


We had a hard time finding dinner on our first night in Nha-Trang, since the area where we stayed was a bit desolate. After walking around, we found a busy place that served good phở. Then we looked for beer. A place in an alley appeared to have a happy vibe, so we sat there … More Brothers

Routine Break

Cities have two faces – one turning inside, for the locals, and one turning outside, for the tourists. As the soft sand squeaks under the feet in Platis Gialos beach in Sifnos, I look envious at the locals and wonder what I am missing. Back home some tourists must be jealous of me for living … More Routine Break

Happy Roshoshana

Our room’s porch viewed the town and the mountains around, and roosters called each morning. There weren’t many restaurants around, and the hotel’s restaurant was the biggest, so it attracted many people. It was not bad, too. It was Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. I guess many Israelis used the opportunity to go on … More Happy Roshoshana

Mountains & Markets

After two days, we began to feel strange at Sapa. I downloaded Trip Advisor and read some reviews about the hotel we stayed at, with creepy stories about the tall man with the yellow teeth in the reception. Additionally, we shared a porch with the neighboring room, where some noisy locals stayed and got drunk … More Mountains & Markets

Orange Flowers

When I look back, the days in Hanoi look like a dream. When I think about the streets with the bubbling pots and the colorful lights it seems close, as if you can just hop on a bus and be there, without all the flights, connections and visas. Some restaurants and cafes were actually inside … More Orange Flowers

Welcome to Fuckin’ Vietnam – Or Why I Loved it So Much

Before dawn, we caught a bright pink taxi that took as to the MDK, a small busy airport for domestic flights only. We stood in a long and curved line together with people from countries I’ve never heard of before. I was worried we’ll be short in the time since the place was packed, but … More Welcome to Fuckin’ Vietnam – Or Why I Loved it So Much

Colorful Chairs

Before I start, here are a few things about Thailand. When you look at pictures of the beaches the skies are always blue, but the truth is that most of the times the skies are grey. On sunny days the sun is fierce and it’s tough to walk outside. The second thing, is that from … More Colorful Chairs

Frog Legs

In the morning we went back to the old lady with the crooked teeth for coffee. A man with a floral apron stood by a tiny wagon and sold various dishes of fried rice, so we took one with pork and a fried egg. Then we packed our thing and waited at the hotel’s lobby … More Frog Legs

Singapore Sling

After a well-needed good night’s sleep, we woke up to a fresh day and went to find coffee and breakfast. The whole scenery outside was completely changed and there were no remains from the night, only normal everyday city life. Inside a quiet alley, a few women were frying and serving chicken on skewers, so … More Singapore Sling

It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache

The flight to Thailand felt like forever. Pretty early the lights were off and it was quiet as most people fell asleep, only rustles and faint whispers could be heard. I was reading one of the books I took with me, The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux, but couldn’t concentrate. I imagined the usual … More It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache

Oh, the Places

 Days of travel take a big variety of different experiences. Taxi drivers, expensive beer at the airport, connecting flights, strange people. Buses, minibusses, trains, ferries. Changing view out the window, sunrise, sunset, rain, clear skies, gas stations, refreshment stops. With the backpack on me, with the backpack in the baggage, with the backpack god knows … More Oh, the Places