Routine Break

Cities have two faces – one turning inside, for the locals, and one turning outside, for the tourists.

As the soft sand squeaks under the feet in Platis Gialos beach in Sifnos, I look envious at the locals and wonder what I am missing. Back home some tourists must be jealous of me for living in a sunny place, 10 minutes away from the beach. Go tell them about how expensive the living is, about gentrification, violence, corruption. So what is it that I don’t see in this country? And what I didn’t see in Thailand? Vietnam? Portugal? Israel…?

When I was little and we used to go on family vacations it was a crisis for me to go back home, and it still is. The difference is that now I can deal with sadness.

That now I now that if your heart is broken, it means you loved.

And that traveling is lonely.

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