Psychodelic dreams with colors and sound, seeing melodies, sitting by a bonfire outdoors and making music with flowers.
Soundtracks of movies, westerns, kung-fu.
Every genre of music.
These are some of the things that inspire Yossi Bozo, who just recently published his new album – Connexion Divina.

We sit in his apartment in Tel Aviv, sipping iced-coffee on a surprisingly hot day in the middle of winter, as he tries to explain how he defines his music without using definitions.
A reggae vibe, with a hip-hop tempo, spiced with dubstep effects, a hint of techno sound. All these are mixed into a three-dimensional bit with a psychedelic feeling.

Yossi was always into music, always loved listening to any kind of it. He played some guitar, but it was only at the end of the three-years obligatory military service when he began playing it more seriously. Being an autodidact, he taught himself with the help of friends, online courses, anywhere he could get knowledge from.
It was a trip to Thailand with friends that really opened his mind to new ways of making music. Dancing at nights and playing all kinds of music in days, this trip was all about inspiration.

Back home, Yossi opened Abelton and began experimenting. He tried everything, from techno, chill, trans, electronic jazz – “Everything I did sucked”, he laughs now.
Little by little, he studied this domain through and through. He learned about sound design, musical spectrum, harmony, tempo, depth. Pretty soon he realized it’s not enough to know how to play a musical instrument. This is the kind of music you make by yourself, and you need to be everything. Musical knowledge is noticeable, and the more you know, the more you bring your true self into your work.


Yossi’s process of creation varies. It could start with a melody he’s dreamt of, a tune he has on his mind, even without inspiration at all, just a certain sound he samples, puts onto the program and starts from there. He uses a lot of foley- meaning, sound effects made by different objects or voices.


Another trip to music festivals in Europe really opened his mind to ideas of psychedelic music, and he aspired to combine it in his work. This led him to go study sound for a couple of months in a school but quit, feeling this kind of framework doesn’t help him much. He learns more through experimenting, “touching” the music, than through theory. “I got more in a master-class with a producer than in two months of school”, he says.

I ask him about the connection people tend to make between drug-use and psychedelic music.
There is an obvious connection, he sais. It changes something in the mind, puts a contrast between everyday life and the experience of the self. It frees people from labels and expectations and opens different channels of thought, where one can be truly connected to oneself.
Yet, it’s not necessarily the drugs, but the whole experience – the dancing, feeling the music, being free.

A world without music is a cruel world, he says so casually, emptying his glass of coffee.


In the last two years, Yossi’s been through personal development and maturity.
After quitting any kind of substance besides coffee and alcohol, he began dreaming again, vividly – about changes, about colors, about seeing music. His dreams forced him to face emotions he used to put aside, and get through the forgiving process of grieve he tried to avoid for many years. Finally, he was able to let go of feelings of guilt and regret, and move on.

Then, in the last six months, wheels began to move. With the support of his friends, he managed to put aside the over-thinking and self-doubt, and began publishing his music. He realized, I can only be myself, everything I choose to publish is the best I could do at the moment. You can keep editing every bit forever and it would never be ready, or you can let go.
This opened many crazy doors. He gets invites from festivals and parties all over the world, being approached by artists he could only dream would approach him.
His newly released album, Connexion Divina, was given stage by Shivelight – a platform that is dedicated to support and spread innovative music.
These days, Yossi gets to share his music and connect with his listeners and other artists in many parties, music events, and festivals. Looking to the future, he sees more inspiration and makings. Without planning too much, his life at the moment moves into directions better than he hoped.

Before I go, he tells me a little story.
His album was played online on a page which promotes music, and listeners could respond as it plays. One of the listeners wrote he loves this music, but later learned Yossi was from Israel ao he wrote he would not listen to Israeli music, and logged off.
Then the operator of the page announced that he was from Iran, and wrote that this kind of approach is not acceptable.
This music is above all politics. It’s about love, collaboration, and connection.

So I hope you connect.

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