The Art of Breaking a Promisse


This is what it feels like, to be uninspired and stuck in the same place. This is fine, really. I quit my job a few months ago, without a penny to my name, nor a plan for the future. Then I was supposed to start working as a tourist guide, but well, you know.

When I first quit my job as a restaurant manager, I’ve felt like there’s no turning back. I can never be a simple employee again after I’ve crossed the line into the “management” section. It was not easy to give up the title of “Boss” and I was determined to remain a boss, even if it only means to be my own boss. Who could have foreseen what will come next?
At many points in my life, I’ve made the “Never” Decision, to never take a loan, never get back to being a bartender, never not-be the boss – and I broke them, one by one.

Try breaking a promise to yourself, it’s liberating.

One of the most useful things I’ve learned as a manager is that to move forward, you have to be flexible. Sometimes you have to let go of things that used to work at the first but don’t anymore – whether it’s a crowd-pleaser dish, an employee who is burned out, or a work method.
Sometimes the concept which needs to be let go, is you.

As a matter of fact, I like being a bartender. I don’t need to pretend I’m tough anymore, or to be in such control on everything all the time. I get to finally be myself, and when I’m being myself, I feel boss.

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