Alcohol Is

Alcohol is Love
I’d like to dwell on this subject if you don’t mind.
I love alcohol. Poured or mixed, clear or bubbly, shaken or stirred, I love the smell, the taste, the ceremony, the way it makes me feel. I want it as part of a good meal, an essential for the lazy afternoon on a day-off, the main event on a night out, or a night cup before bed.
So whether it’s a glass of pure bourbon or a fancy cocktail, I would say yes to every kind of drink. Cheers!

Alcohol is Hate
When I was a teenager I enjoyed the feeling of being a little drunk. To maintain the buzz, I drank a little more, and then a little more. Pretty soon I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work – the more you drink, the worse you feel.
Having learned that important lesson early in life, it’s very hard for me to see people stupid drunk. They either become sad, or angry, or just a useless lump of a person. I hate the moment when I need to tell a customer that they’ve had enough; it’s embarrassing for everybody. I hate to hang out with those who are unaware of their limits, or worse, don’t respect other people’s limits.
And I hate bartenders whose main goal is to get their guests as drunk as possible. If you keep giving me shots of some cheap booze without me asking, you’re not doing a good job; you’re just being lazy.

Alcohol is My Job
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As they say, there are no small roles, just small actors. And I’m no small actress.
When I go to work, I leave my everyday worries by the door. I enjoy giving others a good time and spreading happiness around me. Of course, I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking to anybody, colleagues and customers alike. But most days, I can forget it all, get in the zone and start shaking!
So, my name is May, I’m one hell of a Lucky Bitch, and I will be your bartender today. What Can I get you to drink?

Alcohol is Other People
On New Year’s Eve of 2020, I was standing outside a bar and talking with people when a middle-aged man who called himself Messiah came over. He was a stocky South-African man with tiny glasses wearing a skeleton onesie, and he was smoking the strongest damn weed out of a golden pipe. He offered us a smoke and then locked eyes with me and slowly said, “You know, elephants, are very big. But viruses, they are very small”. Drunk out of my mind, I looked at him and said, “I know right?”.
So I don’t know if he was a prophet or just a silly stoned man on the street. But being drunk helps you connect with those characters, and if I were sober I probably would never have met the Messiah. 

Alcohol is The World
Draft beer on plastic chairs in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. A glass of Tsipuro with ice on the shores of Sifnos, Greece. Pálinka in a crowded bar in the snowy town of Mohács, Hungary. Vermouth with a slice of orange and two olives on a summer afternoon on a porch in Barcelona, Spain. A spicy Clamato Beer in a tiny taqueria on a hot day in Mexico City, Mexico.
My favorite drink is, well, all of them. Alcohol not only helps me be mindful at the moment, but it also brings back memories of faraway shores. I travel through my stomach and liver. And what better way there is to get to know a new place, other than to drink with the locals?

Alcohol is Me
I’m poured, mixed, clear, bubbly, shaken, and stirred. I’m good for a good meal, for a lazy afternoon on a day off, as the main event on a night out, or to chill before bed.
The first time I got drunk was at age 16, on a grass plot outside of a Rocky Horror Picture Show cinema. My nerdy friends and I met with another girl from a different school, and she brought some crappy Vodka and cranberry juice. Far away from home and surrounded by all the freaks and geeks, I’ve met a part of myself – a drunk diva.
Some days I wake up feeling like a serious, mature glass of Bourbon, and some days I feel all playful and bubbly like a cocktail.
None of this matters; I just want to have fun.

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