Psychodelic dreams with colors and sound, seeing melodies, sitting by a bonfire outdoors and making music with flowers. Soundtracks of movies, westerns, kung-fu. Every genre of music. These are some of the things that inspire Yossi Bozo, who just recently published his new album – Connexion Divina. We sit in his apartment in Tel Aviv, … More Worldwide

Poco a poco

Dayana sits by the bar after the lunch service, drinking a margarita, her apron is still tied around her waist. This is supposed to be a light, easy story about Mexican cuisine. It’s not. The story begins in Jardín Mangos, a neighborhood by the shore in Acapulco, a central city in the South of Mexico. … More Poco a poco

To Abide

Freedom is probably one of the most important things for artist Uzi Benita. Sitting in his room in South Tel-Aviv, surrounded by his paintings and books, the subject of freedom keeps coming up. He is not so much of a rebel per se, but he lives life in his own rhythm.He seems completely age-less, with … More To Abide