The plane descends into the clouds. As the grey clouds scatter, they reveal the country beneath – snowy mountaintops, and then frozen, tough ground with naked trees.Outside the plane, the cold air feels sharp like tiny knives on the cheeks and it’s hard to breathe. Hungary. We get inside a black van, my mother-in-law sits … More Midwinter


Saigon is huge and crazy and I didn’t see enough of it.Some things still remind me of it. Lemongrass oil to keep the mosquitos away and sooth their bites. The strong minty smell of Tiger Balm, as you rub it on your feet to battle a cold. A silly child’s song, Jasmine tea. It always … More Saigon

Great Ocean

It took about four hours on the bumpy roads to get to Rạch Giá, in a bus filled to the brim with people.A van took us from the central station towards the hotel by the shore, passing bridges and rivers with houses built right on the water. After a bit of a walk, we got to … More Great Ocean

By the Mekong

We got up early and had coffee at the lobby with Miss Vy, and then went to the travel agency where we booked the bus ticket the previous day.The same clerk was there and she rode with us on a van that went to the bus station, and then showed us where to go and … More By the Mekong


We had a hard time finding dinner on our first night in Nha-Trang, since the area where we stayed was a bit desolate. After walking around, we found a busy place that served good phở. Then we looked for beer. A place in an alley appeared to have a happy vibe, so we sat there … More Brothers

Orange Flowers

When I look back, the days in Hanoi look like a dream. When I think about the streets with the bubbling pots and the colorful lights it seems close, as if you can just hop on a bus and be there, without all the flights, connections and visas. Some restaurants and cafes were actually inside … More Orange Flowers

Colorful Chairs

Before I start, here are a few things about Thailand. When you look at pictures of the beaches the skies are always blue, but the truth is that most of the times the skies are grey. On sunny days the sun is fierce and it’s tough to walk outside. The second thing, is that from … More Colorful Chairs

Singapore Sling

After a well-needed good night’s sleep, we woke up to a fresh day and went to find coffee and breakfast. The whole scenery outside was completely changed and there were no remains from the night, only normal everyday city life. Inside a quiet alley, a few women were frying and serving chicken on skewers, so … More Singapore Sling

It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache

The flight to Thailand felt like forever. Pretty early the lights were off and it was quiet as most people fell asleep, only rustles and faint whispers could be heard. I was reading one of the books I took with me, The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux, but couldn’t concentrate. I imagined the usual … More It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache