Colorful Chairs

Before I start, here are a few things about Thailand. When you look at pictures of the beaches the skies are always blue, but the truth is that most of the times the skies are grey. On sunny days the sun is fierce and it’s tough to walk outside. The second thing, is that from … More Colorful Chairs

Frog Legs

In the morning we went back to the old lady with the crooked teeth for coffee. A man with a floral apron stood by a tiny wagon and sold various dishes of fried rice, so we took one with pork and a fried egg. Then we packed our thing and waited at the hotel’s lobby … More Frog Legs

Singapore Sling

After a well-needed good night’s sleep, we woke up to a fresh day and went to find coffee and breakfast. The whole scenery outside was completely changed and there were no remains from the night, only normal everyday city life. Inside a quiet alley, a few women were frying and serving chicken on skewers, so … More Singapore Sling

It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache

The flight to Thailand felt like forever. Pretty early the lights were off and it was quiet as most people fell asleep, only rustles and faint whispers could be heard. I was reading one of the books I took with me, The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux, but couldn’t concentrate. I imagined the usual … More It’s Important for my Country, Said the Man with the Moustache