Saigon is huge and crazy and I didn’t see enough of it.Some things still remind me of it. Lemongrass oil to keep the mosquitos away and sooth their bites. The strong minty smell of Tiger Balm, as you rub it on your feet to battle a cold. A silly child’s song, Jasmine tea. It always … More Saigon

Great Ocean

It took about four hours on the bumpy roads to get to Rạch Giá, in a bus filled to the brim with people.A van took us from the central station towards the hotel by the shore, passing bridges and rivers with houses built right on the water. After a bit of a walk, we got to … More Great Ocean

Happy Roshoshana

Our room’s porch viewed the town and the mountains around, and roosters called each morning. There weren’t many restaurants around, and the hotel’s restaurant was the biggest, so it attracted many people. It was not bad, too. It was Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. I guess many Israelis used the opportunity to go on … More Happy Roshoshana

Frog Legs

In the morning we went back to the old lady with the crooked teeth for coffee. A man with a floral apron stood by a tiny wagon and sold various dishes of fried rice, so we took one with pork and a fried egg. Then we packed our thing and waited at the hotel’s lobby … More Frog Legs

Oh, the Places

 Days of travel take a big variety of different experiences. Taxi drivers, expensive beer at the airport, connecting flights, strange people. Buses, minibusses, trains, ferries. Changing view out the window, sunrise, sunset, rain, clear skies, gas stations, refreshment stops. With the backpack on me, with the backpack in the baggage, with the backpack god knows … More Oh, the Places